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Health questionnaire
Yoga practice is suitable for every age and physical fitness and flexibility. However, there are a number of medical conditions that might require a slight adjustment to the training and special attention from the teacher and the student. Please state your basic medical history in this form, marking “yes” next to conditions you have, and “no“ next to conditions you don’t have.

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Please answer the following questions if applicable

*Women on their period are advised to refrain from certain exercises. Please speak to the teacher before the beginning of class.

** Please note that if you are over the age of 70, you are required to present a doctor’s note allowing you to practice Yoga.

Please inform the teacher of the above-mentioned conditions in order to better adjust your training and determine whether you need a doctor’s note to participate in classes. I confirm that in case of a change in my health condition, I will inform the teacher.

I confirm that I understand that informing the teacher of the above-mentioned details are essential for practice. I confirm that the practice is my personal responsibility and I will listen to the teacher’s instructions in class.

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